A Sales Campaign Management Service that works.

Tired of ineffective sales campaigns that take months to coordinate, are insanely expensive to implement, and produce minimal returns?

It’s better with cheddr.

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It’s as easy as…

1. Launch

2. Execute
Incentives & Tasks

3. Track

Communicate directly with 3rd party sales

Quickly design & launch sales campaigns

Audit real-time progress

Increase sales force utilization

Minimize direct labor cost & increase sales

Design & Launch at the push of a button

A simple, easy interface for designing campaigns and driving sales efforts to accounts that matter.

Seamlessly create campaigns
Accomplish difficult tasks
Focus sales efforts

Eliminate hassle from reporting

Reps get account specific information at the account being servied. No more shuffling papers or forgetting about what to do where.

Keep accounts organized
Improve rep focus and improve results
Sell unique specialty items

Real time analytics delivered to all parties

Easily align reps/suppliers/distributors on brand goals.

Drive volume to key accounts
Track progress and performance
Harness data to improve sales strategy

Traditional sales campaigns are inefficient and waste valuable resources

Get control of your salesforce with cheddr

Rep's time away from selling in traditional campaigns
Average campaign budget spent on administration costs
Average Rep's time spent on education of sales material
Sales quotas unachieved of all traditional sales campaigns
Cheddr Mobile App

Work Possibilities

Cheddr helps you navigate the tedious process of creating effective sales programs and auditing sales to improve your revenue


Log your visit to a specific store location

Record Progress

Record the number of cases, SKUs, facings, etc. sold to an account

Capture Tasks

Take a picture of the item being sold or task being accomplished

Acquire Signatures

Record a signature for contracts or another type of document

Enter Data

Answer a question or record a task outcome using text entry

Get Your Brand On cheddr

Start putting your incentive dollars where they matter.